Evolution Sports Medicine is a comprehensive orthopaedic medical facility specializing in sports medicine and rehabilitation dedicated to serving the South Bay community.
Evolution Sports Medicine is devoted to restoring clients of all ages to their optimal fitness level in a thorough and efficient manner utilizing cutting edge surgical and rehabilitative techniques coupled with personalized exercise prescription. Each client’s program is individualized and structured to meet that client’s personal goals.
In addition, Evolution Sports Medicine recognizes the psychological impact an injury can have on a client’s well-being. The disappointment and frustration a client experiences after sustaining an injury can create additional stress to the body. In an effort to reduce any stress clients may experience, Evolution Sports Medicine educates clients about their conditions and treatment options and is available to answer any questions a client may have throughout the recovery process. Clients may also be interested in our evolution in progress program.
In addition to providing medical treatment. Evolution Sports Medicine firmly believes in “PRE-HABILITATION.” That is, training to prevent injury. Exercise programs emphasizing sport-specificity, core training, and proprioceptive/balance training are offered, as are general strength and conditioning regimens. Click special programs to view programs offered.
Evolution Sports Medicine's medical specialists are present on-site, enhancing communication between healthcare team members and the client. Increased levels of communication provide vital feedback essential for streamlining a client’s individual course of treatment. This maximizes the effectiveness of each training session, decreases recovery time and most importantly increases client satisfaction.
Interested in more information about Evolution Sports Medicine? Contact us via e-mail at Evolution Sports Medicine or call 310-791-4040. For your convenience, we have all necessary paperwork available online, just click on the download forms tab.

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